About me

I'm a God-fearing woman trying to do my best during my short time in this world. I don't often succeed, but when I do it's only because of the grace of Jesus Christ. My husband is so much my better half, and blesses me constantly, and my son is a tangible example of God's daily goodness to me.  


I have been wanting to start a blog for quite some time, but wasn't really sure what to write about.  Also, I had weird feelings about it:

1. Fear - "Everyone is going to hate this!"

2. Dread - "Ugh, I do not have time for this."

3. (Entirely Unwarranted) Pride - "I probably shouldn't make a blog, because it will melt people's faces off." 

4. Introspective - "I will write pieces that will inspire and change the world! Each entry will be 20 pages long and will use terms like 'insatiable rapacity' and 'ingenue meta'. "

5. Confusion - "Um..."

Despite all of these, I was challenged and inspired finally to action by my dear friend LeKeisha, whose amazing blog resides HERE.  So thank you Keisha!  You are such a gift!  (P.S. this is a picture of my dear friend looking fabulous and me looking, well... let's just say the make-up fairy forgot to visit me that morning.)





You may be asking - why the name "Farther Along"?  The point of this blog is to, if at all possible, bring us all closer to God.  In all our journeys, with the mountains and valleys we face, our aim is to know Him better.  However, with our faults we lose our way again and again.  It is only farther along, all the way up until after we are brought home, that we can see clearly.  Until then, let's all struggle with grace and rejoice together in each very small step becoming like Jesus.


A Note on Photos:

My husband took the two photos above.  However, many of the photos I use on here are ones I did not take myself, but they greatly inspired me.  The majority of them I get from Pinterest.  If I end up posting them, I do my very best to give credit to the original source.  However, if I have used one of your photos and incorrectly attributed it to someone else, please let me know! I would be thrilled to correct it.  Additionally, I tried to pull photos from a creative commons platform, but if you would like your photo to be removed, it is done, no worries, just let me know!