• Farther Along

To Make Known

"On the other hand I am filled with power-- With the Spirit of the LORD-- And with justice and courage To make known to Jacob his rebellious act, Even to Israel his sin." -Micah 3:8

If you ever are sincerely praying to God, you will find you have no option but to be completely honest, because our Lord is Truth. Even if you try to speak aloud a half-truth, or you try to conceal something in your heart as you go before him (such as a confession), there will be a still, small, but forceful voice pulling on your heartstrings. Not to mention that God knows what you will say before a word is even in your mind. And the blessing/curse of the prophets was having this same burden of truth on their lips constantly. Instead of being God's voice inside us, they had to be living, breathing words of God walking around. Of course they were (and are) horribly unpopular whenever they brought bad news or had to hold up a mirror to a sinful people. But the beauty of God's Holy Spirit taking on this role for us is that we can hear His very hard truths, but immediately afterward hear His forgiveness, grace, and love too. Thanks be to God!