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Repost: December 14th, 2014

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"Prophet" - Day 44

Matthew 21:10-11 When Jesus entered Jerusalem, the whole city was stirred and asked, “Who is this?” The crowds answered, “This is Jesus, the PROPHET from Nazareth in Galilee.” When I was a little girl, I always thought that the very greatest gift from God was prophecy. I assumed that I would feel the most safe and comforted if I knew the future. However, growing older and wiser it becomes more and more apparent that by knowing the future the lives of the prophets were never those of safety, and certainly not comfort. They knew the truth and yet the people refused to listen and believe. The prophets were very often killed by those they tried to help. And they HAD to speak God's truth, they couldn't be silent or avoid the task (you can read the book of Jonah to see what the result of that would be). Also, it is a very disconcerting thing to know the future. Often after receiving visions, the prophets would need recovery time (i.e. Daniel 8:27). However, Jesus was no ordinary prophet. He was the eternal God in human form, and thus (I believe) had retained his infinite knowledge of the entire past, present, and future. A very humbling thought is that Jesus knew his own fate on the cross before it happened (which made him sweat blood). But more humbling still, is that while he reigns in heaven now, as an eternal being outside of time, he CONTINUOUSLY experiences the cross. Over and over again, he feels the punishment, the torture, the separation from God. And yet, we know he would do it all over again, because he did do it! Praise, glory, honor, and thanks be to God for Jesus, the Prophet - knowing what he knew and still working out our salvation!


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