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All Scripture

"Every writing which is written by The Spirit is profitable for teaching, for correction, for direction and for a course in righteousness" -2 Timothy 3:16, Aramaic Bible in Plain English

"All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness" -2 Timothy 3:16, NIV

"On the west will be the divisions of the camp of Ephraim under their standard. The leader of the people of Ephraim is Elishama son of Ammihud. His division numbers 40,500. The tribe of Manasseh will be next to them. The leader of the people of Manasseh is Gamaliel son of Pedahzur. His division numbers 32,200." -Numbers 2:18-21

I used to have the hardest time reading and paying attention to the book of Numbers. So many names! So many numbers! Why in the world would this be in the Bible (36 chapters of it!)? But one day I actually took the time to pray for God's wisdom. The Spirit gently seemed to tell me - "All of these 'numbers' are real people. All of these names are my children. They are all important to me." This book is for remembrance, this book is for people who love math, or who enjoy meticulous attention to detail. This book is part of God's Story, His love letter to His people, His rescuing of His children. A good Father loves and cares for each and every one of their children. That day, I understood that indeed, ALL scripture has life breathed into it by the Spirit of the Living God, just as the Spirit breathes life into us.


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